faq Frequently Asked Questions - XtremeHairLengths - Hair extensions, colour cuts and hair styling in Ontario, Canada
Who is a candidate for hair extensions?
Anyone who wants longer, fuller and thicker hair can have extensions.
How do I care for my hair extensions?
Caring for hair extensions is a bit different from caring for natural hair. Here are some things that you should know:
  1. Always use a soft brustle brush and brush your hair from the bottom and gently work your way up.
  2. Gently tie your hair up while sleeping.
  3. Do not colour your own hair extensions at home, have your extension specialist do it.
  4. To prevent tangles, run your fingers from the scalp to the ends of the hair.
  5. When brushing always hang on to the hair to prevent pressure on the bonds.
  6. Never go to bed with wet hair, always dry it first
  7. Dont spray your extensions with conditioners or any silicone based products as they can cause shedding and bonds may slip.
  8. Always keep your hair and scalp from being oily may cause shedding.
Can I wear my hair up?
Of course, the extensions are done strand by strand in a way that nobody will be able to detect them. So yes you can wear ponytails, braids etc.
Does it hurt?
Not at all. The extensions should be even pressure all over the head with no points pulling or hurting. You will know you have something on your head for the first day or two, but after that you wont even feel they are there.
How long can hair extensions be?
You can have any length, from 8 inches up to 24 inches long. Anything longer then 24 inches will cause pressure at the root, so it's not recommended to go any longer than 24 inches.
How much do they cost?
Hair extensions vary in price. It all depends on what you are having done; whether it is just to add volume, length and how many colours are needed. But remember that to get the best possible product you will pay a premium price. However, your hair will look great, it will last and you will feel terrific.
What type of hair is used for hair extensions?
Only the highest quality 100% European human hair is used. Xtreme Hair Lengths offers 21 realistic shades for blending, and 8 textures to match virtually any hair type.
Will hair extensions damage your hair?
No, extensions will actually increase hair growth and will strengthen the follicle.